• Do you know what fermentino is?

    «Fermentino is a completely natural and 100% plant based product. It comes from the fermentation of nuts and oil seeds, with the only addition of water and salt.»

Why eat fermentino?

Fermentino is an ideal food for those who want to enrich their diet with really healthy and tasty plant-based products and at the same time want to reduce the consumption of food of animal origin.

Fermentino is a 100% plant based product and a source of protein. It maintains all the nutritional characteristics of nuts, which give it a high nutritional value with the added benefits of the fermentation process.

It is a natural and organic food that, unlike many ultra-processed products on the market, has a very short list of ingredients and no type of preservative or additive.

Only three ingredients: fermented nuts, water, and salt.

Bringing nature and great flavours to the table.

How is fermentino made?

The production process involves several simple stages that are common to the production of all types of fermentino:

  • The nuts are soaked in special containers with water and lactic ferments in order to start the fermentation process. They then remain there for varying times, depending on the fermentino to be made.

  • Finally, the product is finely ground to create a kind of dough, homogeneous in texture.

  • Next is the fermentation phase, which takes place in a cell at a controlled temperature.

These first stages in the process, which are common to all fermentino products, are then followed by several others depending on the kind of final product desired. In the case of a fresh spreadable product, the production process is now complete and the fermentino can be packaged. If you want aged fermentino, on the other hand, the product is placed in the special moulds for the seasoning (drying and ripening) phase.

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