Fermè is the range of spreadable and semi-aged fermentino products made with only 3 natural ingredients: fermented cashews, water, salt and the possible addition of aromatic herbs or natural spices. Organic and 100% plant based, our Fermè are delicious in taste, given by the spices or herbs that characterize them.

    NUTS: cashews.

    HOW WE MAKE THEM: cashews are soaked in water with lactic ferments. After 10 hours, nuts are ground, adding aromatic herbs or natural spices depending on the Fermè we want to obtain. The mixture is then transferred to special fermentation cells at a controlled temperature.

    Then, if we are making a fermentino spread, the process is completed and the product is packaged; if, on the other hand, we are making a semi-aged fermentino, the product is placed in special molds and we proceed with the drying and maturation phase in the cell for about 5 days.

    HOW TO USE THEM: fermentino products from the Fermè range are excellent to eat alone or on a slice of bread, and at the same time they are perfect to be used in the kitchen in many recipes. The spreads are perfect for creaming risottos, as a filling for savory pies, or as a dip for fresh vegetables; the semi-aged fermentinos can be cut into cubes to enrich a salad, or sliced ​​to fill sandwiches.

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